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Thanks for visiting our website! We opened up shop in 2011 as an independent seed company but our families have been providing quality seed products for over 50 years. We pride ourselves in not being a “one-size-fits-all” operation and instead test thousands of seed hybrids each year to identify the products that are best suited for your soil.

We care about what happens on your farm. Take a look at our plot data and current seed brochures as well as all of the other information we have shared on this site for your convenience. We look forward to working together with you!

ProHarvest Seeds Corn Hybrids

ProHarvest Seeds sets the bar with our corn hybrids.

With our superior selection of Corn Hybrids that excel in higher yielding enviroments, are regionally specific or have strong overall agronomics, we have a corn hybrid sure to fit your needs. You can sort varieties by clicking on the column name to sort by property.

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2017 Corn Hybrids

ProductNEW or ProvenAvailable as:Relative MaturityGDDs to Mid-SilkGDDs to BlacklayerEmergenceResponse to FungicidePlant HeightEar HeightRoot StrengthStalk StrengthPlant HealthDrought ToleranceTest WeightDrydownCorn on CornHighly Productive SoilModerately Productive SoilLess Productive SoilFinal Stand x 1,000Ear Type
6101 Proven SS RIB 101 1230 2510 VG G MT M EX VG VG G VG VG Yes* HR HR R 33-35 SF
6338 NEW SS RIB 103 1250 2550 VG G M M EX VG VG VG G VG Yes HR HR R 33-35 SF
6552 Proven 5122 E-Z,
3111, GT, Non-GMO
105 1297  2597 VG G MT M G VG VG VG G VG Yes* HR HR R 31-33 SF
6565 NEW SS RIB 105 1260 2550 VG G M M VG EX VG VG EX G Yes HR HR HR 34-36 SD
6705 Elite SS RIB, Non GMO 107 1270  2500 VG VG MT VG  VG  G VG  EX  VG  Yes*  HR HR 34-36  SD 
6800 Proven SS RIB 107 1260  2640 VG G M M VG VG VG VG VG EX Yes* HR HR HR 33-35 SD
6844 Elite SS RIB 108  1250  2700 VG VG  VG VG  VG VG  VG  EX  Yes HR  HR HR  33-35 SD
6860 NEW Agrisure VIP3111, GT 108 1240  2710 VG G MT M VG EX VG VG VG G Yes HR HR R 33-35 SF
6886 NEW VI2P RIB 108 1250 2710 VG G M M VG VG EX VG VG G Yes HR HR HR 33-35 SF
6990 Proven SS RIB 109 1310  2680 VG VG M ML G G VG G G VG Yes* HR HR HR 34-36 SD
6923 Proven Duracade 5122 E-Z 109 1300 2740 VG G M M EX EX VG VG VG EX Yes* HR R R 34-36 FX
8074 Elite SS RIB  VT2P RIB, Non GMO 110  1279  2735 VG VG M VG VG  G VG   VG EX  Yes*  HR HR 34-36  SD
8110 Proven SS RIB 111 1310 2760 G G M M EX G VG VG G VG Yes* R HR HR 34-36 SD
8162 Elite SS RIB 111  1310 2780 VG MT  MH  VG VG VG VG Yes HR HR  R  33-35  SF
8220 Proven SS RIB 112 1300  2800 VG VG M MH EX G VG VG VG G Yes* HR HR R 34-36 SD
8244 Elite SS RIB, Non-GMO 112 1320 2780 VG G MT M VG VG G VG VG VG Yes* HR HR HR 33-35 SF
8301 Proven SS RIB 113 1340 2770 VG VG M M EX VG G G EX G Yes* HR HR HR 34-36 SD
8312 Elite SS RIB 113  1360 2780 VG M VG  VG G VG  EX VG  Yes HR HR  33-35  SF 
8330 Proven SS RIB, RR2, Non-GMO 113 1300  2820 EX VG MS M EX VG VG VG VG G Yes* HR HR HR 33-35 SF
8388 Proven SS RIB 113 1350  2830 G G M ML G G VG VG EX VG Yes* HR HR HR 28-34 F
8404 NEW VT2P RIB 114 1360 2850 G VG M M G G G G G G Yes HR HR HR 34-36 SD

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