The ProHarvest Seeds ProfessionalsThe ProHarvest Seeds team has a wealth of experience and expertise in the seed industry.

Randy Wilken, President, and Lynn Wilken, CFO, are the second generation to lead the company and are experts in seed, production, and agricultural business.

Keith Knapp, who has more than 30 years of experience and success in the seed industry, adds a commitment to relationship building to his role as VP of Sales & Marketing.  

We have a strong team of Seed Specialists and support. They each have a robust and comprehensive knowledge of our seed products.


Randy Wilken

Ashkum, IL

Lynn Wilken

Ashkum, IL
Chief Financial Officer

Keith Knapp

Hoopeston, IL
VP of Sales & Marketing

Ron Knapp

Bloomington, IL
Sales Director

Eric Yoder

Gilson, IL
Corn Product Manager/Agronomist

Doug Hanson

Ashkum, IL
Seed Specialist/Forage Seeds Lead

Josh Wilken

Ashkum, IL

Maria Arseneau

Ashkum, IL
Marketing Coordinator

Chris Basham

Ashkum, IL
Seed Support Specialist

Beth Isom

Ashkum, IL
Office Support

Jennifer Pralle

Ashkum, IL
Office Manager

Mary Prairie

Ashkum, IL
Accounts Payable

Jake Wilken

Ashkum, IL
Seed Specialist

Lynn McKibben

Pekin, IL
Seed Specialist

Jay Whalen

Streator, IL
Seed Specialist

Ronn Dillavou

Aledo, IL
Seed Specialist

Tom Ostermier

Athens, IL
Seed Specialist

Tom Forrest

Bellflower, IL
Seed Specialist

Carl Krieg

Centralia, IL
Seed Specialist

Glenn Wilcoxen

Vermont, IL
Seed Specialist

Tucker Muse

Monticello, IL
Seed Specialist

John Walsh

Seed Specialist

Anthony Windt

Ashkum, IL
Account Manager


Jim Dinan

Edgewood, IA
Seed Specialist

Craig Neppl

Estherville, IA
Seed Specialist


Trent Geistlinger

Beatrice, NE
Western Team Lead

Matt Retzlaff

Norfolk, NE
Seed Specialist

Derald Watson

Grand Island, NE
Seed Specialist


Matthew Reichert

Maria Stein, OH
Seed Specialist

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March 23

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March 23, 2020


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