Each year we face different challenges during the planting season. I have experienced many different times when farmers just want to change their plans because of some unexpected situation. My advice is to follow your plan. You have spent months developing your plan for each field.

For example, if you have prepared your plan to use fungicide on corn and soybeans, you should not move away from that plan even though you may have planted later than expected. If you have planned an application, don’t cancel using the products, just adjust the timing of the application. Over the years, when challenges arise it is easy to become discouraged, but as my father, Ralph, always told me, "Never give up on a crop". Keep your goals high and don’t let coffee shop talk discourage you. Corn and soybeans have an incredible ability to compensate. Some of my best yields have not had good starts. 

Stay confident, execute your cropping plan and expect the best from your fields.

UPDATE: COVID-19 Statement | March 23, 2020

March 23

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March 23, 2020


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