At ProHarvest, we are extremely excited about our new releases for 2014. We have just completed 3 major field nights in Illinois, showcasing our plots in Ashkum, Hoopeston and Streator. These plots have different growing conditions and soil types. This on-farm research, along with many other research locations, verifies the products that are in our line-up. With data from our own fields, we are making decisions based on hands-on observations. With the release of many new products, we are providing you with a complete package of seed. Our research is verified and statistically assessed to give accurate information.

Using data from many plots and research locations, we can then recommend the correct placement of our varieties on your farm. Our Seed Specialists spend time with you to learn your soil types, your practices and your preferences. This information, along with production decisions including fungicides, insecticides, seed treatments, the previous year’s crop and plant populations, helps you to maximize profit and reduce risk.

Our ongoing research of cover crops is verifying increased yield in both corn and soybeans, due to better soil health. Trials vary but our goal is to help each farmer maximize the potential benefits of cover crops.

The most important personalized service we can give our customer is placing the correct variety on each different soil type and farming practice. With our new Genuity ®SmartStax Complete™ hybrids of 6101, 6444, 6990, 8110, 8220 and 8301, ProHarvest offers a more complete line-up of StaxRIB products than most companies. Our new Genuity® Roundup 2 Yield® soybean varieties of 2271C, 2871C, 2971C, 3666C, 3835C and 3971C, provides our farmers deep product availability.

As we continue to go through this growing season, our promise to you is to provide accurate information about all our products. Our Seed Specialists are committed to your successful harvest.

UPDATE: COVID-19 Statement | March 23, 2020

March 23

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March 23, 2020


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