ProHarvest: Weekly Scouting Report

My first week of scouting was in the Crescent City, Hoopeston, Ashkum and St. Anne areas. I looked at corn that had been planted around the 3rd week of April. I started on Tuesday morning and found plants that were damaged and yellowed. By Wednesday evening, good color had returned and everything was improving quickly.


Many people were questioning whether to replant or how much to replant. However, plant populations were very good. Target populations were being reached, except in areas where there had been excess standing water.


I saw something this week that I have never seen before. The majority of the field I was in was at the two leaf corn stage. There are a lot of sand areas in this field and it first appeared that excess water had snuffed out a lot of corn plants. Investigating further, I discovered viable seeds just starting to sprout. I concluded the sand had stayed cooler than the darker dirt and the seeds just had not germinated yet.                                                                              

I have not seen any insect issues. Morning glories seem to be a common theme in the fields I’ve looked at. Many of the pre-plant chemicals seem to be working on the Morning glories, but they are a tough weed and we will see. See you soon.



Taylorville-Atlanta                                                            356 GDD

Ashkum-Piper City-Hoopeston-Milford-Covington, In   242 GDD

Streator                                                                              320 GDD

Kankakee                                                                            236 GDD


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March 23

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March 23, 2020


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