Week of June 9 Scouting Report

Weed pressure is gaining momentum. Growing conditions are perfect with the rain and warm weather. While these conditions allow the corn and soybeans to grow, so do the weeds.

I would suggest making a loop through your fields a week or so after spraying. This is a waterhemp weed that was sprayed a week ago with glyphosate and shows no signs of being affected. Also, in past years, I’ve seen extremely heavy weed pressured areas produce escapes because the larger plants provide a protective canopy for the smaller plants beneath them. Don’t be surprised in the combine.


Continue to be vigilant in your surveillance for insect pests. I have not seen anything that caused alarm, but that doesn’t mean it cannot happen. A dead or wilted plant standing in the row is evidence of cut worm.


Taylorville: 563 GDD; 1.69” rain in the last 7 days

Atlanta: 413 GDD; 1.33” rain in the last 7 days

Hoopeston: 322 GDD; 1.86” rain in the last 7 days

Streator: 419 GDD; 1.13” rain in the last 7 days

Kankakee: 308 GDD; 1.05” rain in the last 7 days


UPDATE: COVID-19 Statement | March 23, 2020

March 23

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March 23, 2020


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