Weekly Scouting Update - July 15, 2014

I scouted in the Hoopeston and Streator areas last week. I found light Gray Leaf Spot and a trace amount of Rust. I did not see anything that concerned me at this time. I saw very little insect action. The Streator area had a lot of goose-necked corn from saturated soils and wind, apart from that, crops look very good. Heavy rains hit many areas this weekend and I’ve seen plants affected by the lack of oxygen in the soil. With dry weather, crops should improve quickly. I have seen some nutrient deficiencies showing up in wet areas. The pictures below explain three of the most common deficiencies.


Nitrogen (N)

Plants are pale green to yellow with chlorosis beginning on lower leaves and progressing upwards as the deficiency intensifies; plants have spindly stalks and growth is slow.

Characteristic feature of nitrogren deficiency in corn is yellowing proceeds from the leaf tip down the midrib in a V-shaped pattern.


Phosphorus (P)

Phosphorus deficient plants may remain darker green than normal plants and develop purple discoloration first on the underside and later throughout.  Plants grow slowly, stalks are thin and shortened, and maturity is delayed.



Potassium (K)

Potassium deficiency appears first as yellowing on the tips of lower leaves and progresses along the outer leaf margins as yellow, light tan, and then brown discoloration. The inner part of the leaf blade near the midrib usually remains green. Chlorotic areas may develop throughout the leaf. Stalks of deficient plants are weak and tend to lodge. The ears are chaffy and unfilled.




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