Weekly Crop Report - July 14, 2017
Jake Wilken - Ashkum, IL
Corn- The replant corn continues to catch up to the first planted corn, so the corn fields are evening up and making the fields look a little bit better.  Stand counts are in the 29-32,000 range for the most part.  Within 4 or 5 miles you can see corn all the way from v5 or v6 to tassel so it varies greatly.
Soybeans- With the rain and heat this last week brought locally the beans are really taking off. The rows are finally starting to close up which will continue to help with weed control.  Some of the earlier planted beans are going to start flowering in the next week or so.  Overall the beans look pretty good.
Wheat-  The wheat harvest is finished up for the most part.  Yield was decent and quality seemed to be pretty good.
Josh Sullivan - Morrisonville, IL
Rainfall: We did receive 2 inches of rain on Monday night on about half of the farm  
Corn: Corn has polluted and now has brown silks the corn still has a nice rich green color to it as well.  
Soybeans: Soybeans are now in R2 growth stage and are finally knee high on me. The soybeans are finally growing and have shaded out the rows. 
Other: Overall crops look great but we are still dry on most of the farm.
Lynn Mckibben - Pekin, IL
Rainfall: Almost 3 inches of rain this week.
Corn: Corn is right in middle of pollination in central Illinois. Some area's are still getting hit hard by Japanese beetles. 
Soybeans:Beans got the drink they needed and seemed to have jumped overnight. Weed control may continue to be an issue as rows still are not canopied.

Jay Whalen - Flanagan, IL
Rainfall: we have had from 1.6 inches to 2.2 inches this week.
Corn: most all the corn is in full tassel except the later or replanted corn, but overall looking pretty good!
Soybeans: Soybeans are finally growing and flowering, and looking better every day.
Other:Japanese beetles are still thick as ever, but luckily still only on edge of bean fields and have not seen much in corn!
Clyde Burchett - Higginsville, MO
Rainfall :Rainfall has been scattered this week following high heat for several days.  Summer is here with a vengeance.
Corn:Adequate soil moisture is helping the corn to take advantage of the heat and move along at a rapid pace.
Soybeans:Virtually no foliar diseases in corn or soybeans.  
Other:Damage reports continue to roll in.  Saw one field completely destroyed due to tank contamination that has already been replanted.  Labels suspended and then reinstated within a week—who knows where this is going. Japanese Beetles are here in extremely high numbers, but minimal field crop damage as of now. 
Wade Lamphere - Durand, WI
Rainfall: Surrounding areas had anywhere from 0.5” – 4.5” of rain already this week. 
Our soils tend to be a little on the sandy side right here, we welcome any rain we can get this time of the year.
We have been fortunate to miss the more severe weather which has hailed out fields both to our North and South.
Corn: Starting to see some tasseling.
Temperatures have been perfect and the corn is really starting to stretch out. 
Other:Currently we aren’t seeing much for insect pressure.
  John Williams - Pekin, IL
Rainfall:Many areas in Central Illinois had over 2 inches of much needed rain.  Couldn't have come at a better time
Corn:Most fields of corn are starting to tassel or have recently tasseled.  
Soybeans:Soybeans are starting to flower so the recent rains will benefit them too.
Other: Have seen a few planes spraying fields ,Because many soybean fields will not close their row you will need to watch for weed outbreaks.  
  Matt Case Jr. - Hinckley, Illinois
Rainfall:We received an inch and a half of rain this week and the crops responded nicely. 
Corn:Corn is shoulder high
Soybeans:Soybeans are at R1.
Other:Japanese Beatles are heavier than last year however they have not met economic threshold in the fields that I have scouted.  Farmers with Wheat are nearing harvest, and we are now planning their cover crop needs. Crops are looking good, 
  Tony Feitz - Wolcott, IN

Rainfall: This week has been another wet week in our area, with rain Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday so far. We have seen anywhere between 1 inch and 3 inches, depending on location.


Corn: The corn is highly variable, depending on planting date. The earliest planted fields (April 18-25) are looking very good, and most have tasseled. Some fields are showing variability due to drainage as well. The replant fields are starting to look good, with most having additional nitrogen applied, and plenty of moisture. They are growing very rapidly now, if they don’t have too much standing water.


Soybeans: Soybeans are variable depending on planting date as well. Some are flowering and about to canopy, while others are just a few weeks out of the ground. Slow row closure will continue to create weed issues throughout the season.


Other: Japanese beetles have been out in full force this year, in both corn and soybean fields. With this hot and humid weather, there are some diseases popping up in most fields. Just a few fields have shown wind damage thus far. 

Following photos were submitted by Tony Feitz:
Wind Damage 7/11/17
Japanese Beetle Damage 7/6/17
Rust - 7/16/17
Northern Corn Leaf Blight - 7/6/17
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