Weekly Crop Report - July 21, 2017
Josh Sullivan - Morrisonville, IL
Rainfall:We received 8 tenths of rain on Sunday night on the farm.
Corn:Corn pollination has been very good and has the potential for a high yield. However some of the corn is showing some firing of the lower leaves.
Soybeans:Soybeans are still growing but have not started to set any pods.
Other:The heat will be very hot this week reaching close to 98 on Saturday. Will have to see if the corn can tolerate that much heat with little rain.
Lynn Mckibben - Pekin, IL
Rainfall:Not much rain this week in Pekin. 3/10s in my rain gauge. Guys not that far away had as much as and inch.
Corn:Corn for the most part has pollinated and appears to be in pretty good shape. Fortunately the Japanese beetles seem to be staying on the edges and only going a few rows into the fields. Grey leaf, northern and Gosses will be the next thing we need to watch closely for in corn.
Soybeans:Beans have really taken off and are starting to bloom just a little. Japanese beetle populations remain high in many bean fields and we need to continue monitoring them.
Other:With the high heat and humidity things can change rapidly in both crops so watch carefully.
We will need more moisture soon if the heat doesn't break.

Jay Whalen - Flanagan, IL
Rainfall:Rain has been very spotty this we we have ranged from 2 tenths all the way to 2.1 inches in areas!
Corn:Corn is almost all tasseled and close to fully pollinated, except the late planted and replanted areas!
Soybeans:Soybeans have really changed and grew alot this week. The heat and rain has really moved them along!
Other:Most fungicide got applied to corn, and on some beans this week, should be done with that this next week!

 Matt Case Jr. - Hinckley, Illinois
Rainfall: Rain has varied from 1-8 inches depending on location
Corn:A lot of tassels coming on this week.
Soybeans: Soybeans are pretty much in full bloom but still variable depending on planting date.
Other:Some spraying and scouting for Japanese Beatles and fungicide applications on both corn and soybeans. High clearance sprayers are out Y-Dropping. Many farmers are out harvesting wheat and are looking forward to integrating cover crops into their farming operation. 

Dalton Shepherd - Rushville, IL 
Rainfaill:There has been a couple spotty showers across West Central IL this week. The rainfall varied from  0.7" to nothing  with most areas lacking in rain and hot weather sitting in  on us all week.
Corn:Corn is approximately 80% pollinated. Planes and helicopters have been spraying Fungicide on Corn. There is a little Grey Leaf Spot is starting to show up in the corn fields, growers need to keep an eye on GLS as we move forward.
Soybeans:Majority of the soybeans are R2/R3 stage. Just started to spray fungicide on the beans.
Other: To the west of us they have been spraying for Japanese Beetles in corn and Soybeans. Temperatures near 100 degrees all week will sure test these roots on this crop..
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