Weekly Crop Report - July 28, 2017
Josh Sullivan - Morrisonville, IL
Rainfall: we received .2 tenths of rain on the farm, Wednesday night sure was a nice soaker. We had 5.7inches at our main farm shop and I got 2.5 inches at my home at the southern edge of christian country.
Corn: Overall the corn crop did not show much heat stress; however the the lighter color soil stressed the corn much worst than the heavier soils.
Soybeans:Last week was a hot one!  Saturday night  Soybeans look excellent and didn't seem to mind the heat. 
Lynn Mckibben - Pekin, IL
Rainfall:Almost a inch of rain Wed night. Much needed in Central Illinois. 
Corn:Corn appears to have pollinated pretty well. The length and girth are impressive in some fields. Unfortunately we need to remember that stands were reduced in some of these same fields. I am starting to see some grey leaf. It's not bad yet but that could change very quickly. Keep an eye on the disease situation.
Soybeans:Beans are blooming and pods are starting to set. Japanese beetles remain quite active in bean fields. If you are at that 25 to 30 percent defoliation you may want to consider your options.
Other:Overall I think our crops look pretty good. I will start doing some yield estimates  in the next couple of weeks.  Cooler weather for a week or so will definitely take a little stress off the crops.
Jay Whalen - Flanagan, IL
Rainfall: We received 3.9 to 5 inches total this week in 5 different days my general area, but as you go south that really drops off, and route 24 south have only had a half inch in the last 6 weeks, so looking a little tough in the southern parts of my Territory.
Corn:Corn is all flowered now and pollinated, last of the fungicide was applied this week and things are looking good!
Soybeans:Beans are really coming on this week again, most all of them have rows filled in, which I didn't expect, and we are now putting pods on! Seeing a couple yellow spots in wet holes or low spots where a little water stood, but water is gone now and should come out of it.
Wade Lamphere - Durand, WI
Rainfall: We had 1-2” of rain on Wednesday.  That’s the only rain we’ve had in over a week. Despite the lack of rain, crops are looking good.
Corn: R1 – R2 everything is silking and pollinating.
Soybeans: R2 –R3 Full flower to starting to set pods
Other: Just starting to see rootworm beetles in some heavy pressure fields (corn on corn). All other insects seem to be holding off for now.  Only a few Japanese beetles here and there.
  John Williams - Pekin, IL
Rainfall:We continued to get rain this week.Both corn and soybean fields look good with deep green color.  
Corn:Most corn fields are either in pollination or have finished pollination and have brown silks.  There  are a few fields that are goosed neck from recent storms but they appear to be straightening back up.  
Soybeans:Some soybean fields are finally starting to close their rows, but many fields will continue to have weed control issues in the coming weeks.

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