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Can You Say Festulolium?

By: Doug Hanson

Festulolium is the name for a hybrid forage grass developed by crossing Meadow Fescue or Tall Fescue with Perennial Ryegrass.  ProHarvest Seeds has selected two unique varieties with varied benefits.  Fojtan takes on the characteristics of Fescue while our Hostyn variety takes on more of a Perennial Rye Grass appearance.  Therefore, Fojtan is best for thickening hay fields and for fast grass in newly seeded hay fields.  Hostyn will work best in pasture and baleage or chopping systems. 



Earlier spring growth than tall fescue

High quality, close to that of ryegrass

Very persistent (4 years)

Tolerates drought and periodical flooding



High seedling vigor, comparable to annual ryegrass

Very early spring growth

Very high yield

Better persistence than ryegrass



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