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ProHarvest Seeds is your source for cutting edge cover crop needs.

As growers, we know that we cannot control weather or prices. However, we can be proactive with a cover crop plan. Over time, a well-developed strategy can erase the stubborn yield limitations of our land. In combination with new seed genetics and technology innovations, cover crop usage will begin to break through that yield barrier.

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ProHarvest Seeds Forage and Cover Crop Guide

We've produced a comprehensive guide specifically for Forage and Cover Crops. Along with a team of Seed Specialists and Dealers across the Midwest, ProHarvest Seeds can help you find the right solution for your land. Feel free to download our current Forage and Cover Crop Guide from our products guide page.

reCLAIM Radishes

reSTORE Winter Rye



Quick Clover Blend Radishes, Oats

Bonus Blend Radishes, Rapeseed, Winter Rye, Winter Barley

Secure Blend Radishes, Annual Ryegrass

Land & Livestock Winter Rye, Radish

N-Fix Blend Radishes, Crimson Clover, Fixation Balsana

AwakeN Blend 8-way Blend, Grasses, Legumes, Brassica's


Cover Crop Tips

Potential Benefits from Planting Cover Crops

Using Cover Crop Mixes to Accomplish Goals and Minimize Risk

Successfully managing and terminating cover crops

How to manage planting into green cover crops

A successful cover crop program requires planning

June 08

As seen in Illinois AgriNews

Because of the benefits corn and soybean growers are seeing associated with Cover Crop applications, the number of acres being planted to Cover Crops continues to rise.

At the same time, with more persistent weeds showing tolerance to glyphosate herbicide programs in recent years, another rising trend involves growers adding tank mix partners and


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