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Our Alfalfas are selected using the following criteria: Leaf to Stem Ratio, Yield, Quality, Disease Resistance, Winter Hardiness and Persistence. Click below for more information and how to contact a Seed Specialist today.

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2020 Forage Seeds

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All Grass Hay Mix
  • Blend of orchard grass, festulolium and timothy
  • Use alone or with your favorite Alfalfa
  • Great for thickening existing hay fields
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BeefMaster Pasture Mix
  • Contains tall fescue, orchard grass perennial ryegrass and white clover
  • Well adapted for many soil types
  • Excellent for growing stockers, cow/calf pairs
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Grasshancer 300 FLC
  • Blend of festulolium, medium red clover and ladino white clover
  • Fast establishing; good choice for thickening existing pastures
  • Coated and treated seed suited for frost seeding
HayMaster Hay Mix
  • Combination includes tall fescue, orchard grass and timothy
  • High RFQ, especially when mixed with your favorite legume
  • Great for haylage or dry baling
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ProMix Hay Mix
  • Combination of 2/3 alfalfa, 1/3 Orchard Grass and timothy
  • Superior yields and disease resistance
  • Will make horse and dairy quality hay
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Quick to Grow Pasture Mix
  • Versatile mix of festulolium, perennial ryegrass, Italian ryegrass and red and white clover
  • Fast germinating
  • Great choice for short term pastures and thickening existing pastures
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StockMaster Pasture Mix
  • Blend of perennial ryegrass, tall fescue, and orchard grass
  • Great for all classes of livestock
  • Very persistant, low maintenance
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Jay Whalen - Partner in Conservation

January 24

IMG 3808

Jay Whalen awarded as a Partner in Conservation by Livingston County Soil and Water Conservation District.


On January 23, 2020, at the Annual Livingston SWCD Meeting Jay Whalen was awarded as a Partner in Conservation for his active participation in conservation throughout


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