ProHarvest Seeds provides top quality forage options.

ProHarvest Seeds utilizes forage genetics that provide a balance of high quality with excellent tonnage. Our improved grasses and forages are selected from around the world and are chosen for quality, yield, persistence, disease resistance, and maturities that make it easier to manage hayfields and pastures.

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2020 Forage Seeds

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All Grass Hay Mix
  • Blend of orchard grass, festulolium and timothy
  • Use alone or with your favorite Alfalfa
  • Great for thickening existing hay fields
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BeefMaster Pasture Mix
  • Contains tall fescue, orchard grass perennial ryegrass and white clover
  • Well adapted for many soil types
  • Excellent for growing stockers, cow/calf pairs
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Grasshancer 300 FLC
  • Blend of festulolium, medium red clover and ladino white clover
  • Fast establishing; good choice for thickening existing pastures
  • Coated and treated seed suited for frost seeding
HayMaster Hay Mix
  • Combination includes tall fescue, orchard grass and timothy
  • High RFQ, especially when mixed with your favorite legume
  • Great for haylage or dry baling
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ProMix Hay Mix
  • Combination of 2/3 alfalfa, 1/3 Orchard Grass and timothy
  • Superior yields and disease resistance
  • Will make horse and dairy quality hay
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Quick to Grow Pasture Mix
  • Versatile mix of festulolium, perennial ryegrass, Italian ryegrass and red and white clover
  • Fast germinating
  • Great choice for short term pastures and thickening existing pastures
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StockMaster Pasture Mix
  • Blend of perennial ryegrass, tall fescue, and orchard grass
  • Great for all classes of livestock
  • Very persistant, low maintenance
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