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Carbon 101

By Doug Hanson

Soil Organic Matter in most Midwest farms will range from 1 to 6% organic matter.  The percent organic matter can contribute to the productivity of any given farm.  Increasing the organic matter on a farm is known to have many benefits.  It has the ability to improve nutrient holding capacity which in return can provide more nutrients for a growing crop.  It will also help to mineralize unavailable nutrients and make those nutrients more available to the crop.  Some physical benefits include improved soil structure which will aid in better

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Eric Yoder landscape

Several things to be out watching and looking for this time of year!

By: Eric Yoder


Corn Diseases – We went from being pretty hot and dry to cooler and wetter.  More clouds around too.  Maybe we are getting to a drier stretch here now.  The cooler, humid conditions lends the corn to Tar Spot, Gray Leaf Spot and even Northern Corn Leaf Blight. Warmer temps might bring up the risk for Common and Southern Rust.  Jake and I looked at some corn by the office Tuesday.  We could see several marks on some leaves, but not much to clearly identify at this

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Who needs luck when you bet on ProHarvest!?

Be sure to check out more plot results at F.I.R.S.T. Trial Results

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Would You Rather....??                      By Eric Yoder

Would you rather have a field full of waterhemp OR rye grass?  Let me explain.  During the past 15-20  years, we continue to see less tillage and more herbicide use.  However, I’m afraid if we rely solely on herbicides alone to counteract reduced tillage, we are headed for trouble like running out of chemistries to use or increased weed resistance.      


The days of conventional tilling and planting into clean fields are gone for many

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Crop Update: May 5, 2020
By Eric Yoder
Crop Emergence Concerns....
While #Plant2020 appears to be going much better than last year, Mother Nature always has some curves in store for us. Some seeds have already endured snowfall, variable temperatures and prolonged germination, just to name a few. On the other hand, lots of soybean acres were planted earlier than normal this season as the conditions allowed. So how will this all play out as some soybeans are starting to emerge and the forecast for Friday night will be at or
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Corn Yield vs. Maturity from 2019
By: Eric Yoder
No one wants to repeat last year by any means, but there are some things to be learned from it.  Recently I acquired some data from our friends at Prairie Research in Indiana that shows us some things about hybrid maturity vs. yield when it comes to planting date. As Spring ’19 got later and later, people kept looking for earlier and earlier corn. However, there looks to be a threshold on how early a grower needs to go on corn maturity. 
Please note two things: this data was captured in Northern Indiana and
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While the world looks to be changing around us, we wanted to make sure ProHarvest customers were aware of opportunities to connect with our company.  We use a platform called AgriSync that allows customers and dealers a direct pipeline to technical support and service.  Do you have a question about seed traits?  Want to know more about where and how our products fit?  Do you want more information on our seed treatments?  Want to know more about our seed quality? There is no question too big or too small.  Submit your question today!


Call or

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PHS Primary LogoMWS logo

March 23, 2020


As recognized by Governor Pritzker, the agricultural businesses are essential, especially as we head into the spring planting season.  ProHarvest and MWS Seeds will remain open to support our customers to the best of our abilities.

However, as we try to navigate through the new reality of the current situation, we are implementing additional practices to minimize and slow the spread of COVID-19.  We understand that this may be an inconvenience to some of our customers but given the seriousness of the situation, we are taking the following measures:


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PHS Primary LogoMWS logo

March 18, 2020


Dear Customers,

We are continuing to monitor the COVID-19 situation and its effect on our business as well as our customers’ and employees’ lives.  It is our responsibility to be mindful of the risk that comes with public occupancy of our facilities.

We value our relationships with you and want all of us to be safe.  Farming is the backbone of our food supply, and our country and we feel it is our duty to serve you to be prepared as possible for the Spring season.

ProHarvest and MWS Seeds will remain open for the foreseeable future and ask that you follow the

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Considering Alfalfa?

By: Chris Basham


When considering planting alfalfa as a new stand many questions can be asked to help narrow the wide array of alfalfa varieties down to a chosen few. Many alfalfa varieties on the market today have excellent yield and quality, and come with a very good disease package. So how does a grower decide?

The key to decision making is having clear goals for the final product. Alfalfa is the best source of high quality forage for most livestock producers. That being said, not all alfalfas are created equal.

Are you going to sell hay, or feed

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Doug H copy

Can You Say Festulolium?

By: Doug Hanson

Festulolium is the name for a hybrid forage grass developed by crossing Meadow Fescue or Tall Fescue with Perennial Ryegrass.  ProHarvest Seeds has selected two unique varieties with varied benefits.  Fojtan takes on the characteristics of Fescue while our Hostyn variety takes on more of a Perennial Rye Grass appearance.  Therefore, Fojtan is best for thickening hay fields and for fast grass in newly seeded hay fields.  Hostyn will work best in pasture and baleage or chopping systems. 



Earlier spring

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Grower Licensing
In an effort to meet our contractual obligations with Technology Providers and US EPA regulations for traited seed, we need to make sure that all of our customers using traited seed have signed the proper Seed Technology Agreements.  
If you are planting Enlist soybeans this year, odds are high that you will need to sign a new Technology Agreement, since Corteva is going through a new licensing process because of the merger of Dow and DuPont.
If you as a grower have a Technology ID for other providers, Monsanto/Bayer, BASF, and Syngenta,
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Evaluating Thin Alfalfa Stands

By: Chris Basham


What to look for??

Slow green-up

The most obvious indication of winter injury is slow green-up. Compare other stands in your area and on similar soils to evaluate the timing of green-up. If stand takes longer to green-up , it’s time to check for injury.

Budding growth pattern

Spring buds are formed in the fall of the year. If there is injury to alfalfa’s roots, only the living

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SyngentaSyngenta leader                      



Nearly 50 farmer leaders from 11 national farm groups completed Syngenta’s agricultural leadership development program – Leadership At Its Best


Josh Wilken of ProHarvest Seeds, Ashkum, IL, recently attended Syngenta’s Leadership At It’s Best.


Farm leaders from 11 national commodity and other farm associations successfully completed Leadership At Its Best (LAIB), a Syngenta professional development program helping current and

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IMG 3808

Jay Whalen awarded as a Partner in Conservation by Livingston County Soil and Water Conservation District.


On January 23, 2020, at the Annual Livingston SWCD Meeting Jay Whalen was awarded as a Partner in Conservation for his active participation in conservation throughout the Livingston Co. district. Jay and his family farm in Livingston Co. and have converted all of their farming acres to no-till and are utilizing cover crops on every acre. They have experienced less wind and water erosion because of the conservation practices on those acres. Jay is a Seed Specialist for

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2019 Plot Cover

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ProHarvest Seeds’ Announcement

eric Yoder

ProHarvest Seeds is proud to announce the newest member of our team

Eric Yoder

Corn Product Manager/Agronomist.


Eric brings a wide range of experience in the seed industry to his new position at ProHarvest. He has a wealth of knowledge in seed products and agronomy. He is people-focused and understands the value of relationships.

Eric states, "I chose to join ProHarvest because it really felt like home to me and I want to build long- term, mutually beneficial relationships at ProHarvest. I love the seed business and I am looking forward to

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How to Work on Improving your Forages

By Doug Hanson, ProHarvest Seeds 

Forage & Cover Crop Lead

Doug Hason horitz

It is often said that a properly fertilized pasture or hayfield is the cheapest forage you can buy.  With current land values and high input costs (seed, fertilizer, diesel fuel) it is important to get the most out of land that has been dedicated to forage production.  Finding 1200# round bales for $25 to $30 per bale is no longer practical.  With forage values ranging from $120 to over $200 per ton it is important to manage forage production with the same intensity as corn

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From the ground up

Every new building starts from the ground up. The first step in building is pouring the foundation. The foundation is where most of the integrity of the building will lie, much like a business or a seed company. ProHarvest Seeds was founded in 2011, but its foundation began many years earlier.

MWS Seeds laid the foundation for ProHarvest Seeds to build a new brand.  Started in 1993 by Marlin Wilken and his sons, Lynn and Randy, MWS became well known for high quality seed.  MWS Seed produced its own seed as well as sold its own soybean and corn products.

In 2011,

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moews pH12

Ashkum, IL  -- ProHarvest Seeds is proud to announce it has acquired the sales and marketing rights of Moews Seed Company, effective October 2, 2018.  Moews Seed Company’s main office has been in Granville, IL, since 1927.  Moews Seed Company has a long and storied history, beginning with some of the early innovations and development of hybrid seed corn.  Moews Seed has deep roots in the same values we promote at ProHarvest, such as family, integrity, quality and service.


The entire ProHarvest team is excited about this acquisition.  ProHarvest will

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Those in the seed industry are getting more questions now than ever before thanks to the various trait options available.

Communication is key heading into the 2018 growing season and growers need to have a plan in place before the tractors start rolling. This includes communicating with neighbors regarding what they are planting and the weed control program they will be using.

“There’s just going to be a lot more scrutiny on us in terms of weed control and herbicide applications in the next 12 months,” explains Randy Wilken of ProHarvest Seeds. “We really need to do a good

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September 15

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