Weekly Scouting Update

The diseases shown on this page are what I consider the main three major leaf diseases. I have been scouting in the Taylorville, Modesta, Atlanta, and Streator areas and have not seen anything that concerns me at this time, however, circumstances can change quickly.   Please keep an eye on your crops.

Gray Leaf Spot


  • Lesions first appear as small, necrotic spots with halos
  • The lesions become rectangular, 2-4 mm to 1-6 mm in size and have a gray appearance
  • Mature lesions have distinct parallel edges and appear opaque when put up to the light


Common Rust


  • Pustules are oval to circular, and red to dark brown
  • Pustules are common on both leaf surfaces
  • Rust spores (urediniospores) are cinnamon brown
  • Leaves as well as sheaths can be infected, and under severe conditions leaf chlorosis or death may occur 


Northern Leaf Blight


  • Lesions are gray to green in color, cigar shaped, and (3 - 15 cm) long
  • Lesions may contain prominent, dark areas of sporulation as they mature
  • The length or size of lesions may vary with their different reactions to resistant genes within corn hybrids








2021 Early Planted Soybean Key Take Aways

June 04
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