We offer several different red and white clover options.

The Evergraze white clover is a high yielding, easy to establish ladino white clover.  This variety works great in close grazing situations and is very persistant even in dry climates.  Click here for Evergraze tech sheet.  White clover is seeded at approximately 4 to 6 pounds per acre.

PGI 33 is a high yielding, 3 year red clover.  Developed for the Midwest, PGI 33 competes well against most grasses making it an excellent choice for haying and pasture.  Click here for the PGI 33 tech sheet.  Red clover is seeded at approximately 8 to 10 pounds per acre.    

Freedom Red Clover is an excellent companion in all grass pastures as well as hay fields.  Freedom Red has reduced stem pubescence and large leaves that make it ideal for hay production. Click here for the Freedom Red Clover tech sheet.  Red clover is seeded at approximately 8 to 10 pounds per acre.

To increase diversity, a per acre mix of 2 pounds white clover and 5 pounds of your favorite red clover is a great option for maximizing production.

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