Weekly Crop Report - August 11, 2017
Jake Wilken - Ashkum, IL
Rainfall: We have not gotten any rainfall this week but some nice showers last week and some very heavy dews have left us in really good shape.
Corn: The corn is filling ears and doing so nicely, most of the ears that I have looked at are 16-18 around and pretty long, seems like kernel depth will be the biggest yield factor this year.  There continues to be planes and helicopters spraying all over the place.
Soybeans: We all know august makes the bean crop, and so far this august has been about perfect.  The beans are still growing nicely and starting to set pods, there seems to be another flush of weeds coming through so some people have started walking some trouble spots trying to get ahead for next year.  Overall I think we'll have a pretty solid bean crop.
Josh Sullivan - Morrisonville, IL
Rainfall: We didn't receive any more rain this week, but we still have nice temperature's.
Corn:  Corn still is looking good but is starting to turn yellow from the roots to ear
Soybeans: Soybeans have nice height to them but we would love to get another rain to start filling pods.
Jay Whalen - Flanagan, IL
Rainfall: We were on our 2nd week of no rain till last night we had 4 tenths.
Corn: Corn is still green and progressing well, could use some rain to fill kernels out.
Soybeans:  Soybeans are still looking good, putting pods on and still blooming, everything looking good in my territory!

Clyde Burchett - Higginsville, MO
Rainfall : Rainfall has been abundant over the last 2 ½ weeks.  The ground has stayed wet continuously and we have seen some significant flooding and erosion.  Temperatures have been mild, mid 80’s during the day and 50’s and 60’s at night.
Corn: Corn is going to be well above average this year.  Plant health is good right now. GLS is easy to find in most corn fields, but is mostly below the ear leaf.  Less than 1% leaf area above the ear infected.  Southern rust is easy to find mid canopy.  It’s already sporulated, so it’s been here a while.
Soybeans: Soybeans are growing tall with long internodes.  Lodging could be a problem if we get many more storms.
Soybeans are clean disease-wise and only minimal insect pressure.
Other: Near perfect corn growing weather.  We’re not losing hardly any photosynthate to respiration, so I anticipate good kernel depth and test weight.  Soybeans seem to be holding on to pods better this year due to minimum stress.  First cover crops flown on to standing corn this week.
Wade Lamphere - Durand, WI
Rainfall: Thursdays seem to be the day for rain here.  Last Thursday we had 0.5”-0.75” of rain. 
Rain is again in the forecast for this Thursday.  Highs have been, and look to stay, around the mid-upper 70’s. 
I’d say we are a little behind the norm for heat units this year.
Corn: Majority of the fields are done pollinating while those under less stress and planted timely are in the milk stage (R3).
Fortunately disease and insect pressures continue to be minimal.
Soybeans: Looking good.  Again, insect and disease pressures are holding off.  R3-R4 growth stage in most fields.
  John Williams - Pekin, IL
Rainfall: We didn't have any rainfall in my area this week.  We actually are now 1 inch behind for the month. 
Corn: Corn has finished pollination and the silks have turned brown. The ears are filling out really well and most have good size to them. 
Soybeans: Many soybean fields have closed their rows and the pods are filling out. Could have good yields if we get a little more rain to finish them out.    

 Matt Case Jr. - Hinckley, Illinois
Rainfall:Last week we were expecting rainfall later in the week into the weekend, however the rain dissipated. This week we have had no rainfall thus far and the night time hours have been a lot warmer than last week, which were much cooler. Thursday has a 70% chance of rain for Northern Illinois, the rest of the week looks clear, warm, and sunny. 
Corn:Corn growth stages range from VT-R2. VT is a critical period of growth for corn and any hail or heavy winds can be detrimental to your crop. R1- (SILKING) One of the most critical stages in determining yield potential. K uptake is complete. N and P uptake are occurring rapidly. 
Soybeans: Fields I have scouted range anywhere from R1- R5. Most fields are at R4-R5. Fields at R1 were planted late and planted into soil with little moisture making it tough on the beans to prosper. 
Cover Crops: Farmers have harvested their Oats and Wheat and are running drag lines, spreading, or injecting manure on their harvested ground. After their fertilizer is applied many farmers are planting cover crop to suppress weeds and enrich their soils with crucial nutrients needed for their next growing season. 
Other:Overall, I think things look really great here in Northern Illinois. Farmers are getting excited for the upcoming harvest and are taking preliminary steps to getting their equipment ready to run. I have been out scouting fields, spot spraying, checking on customers needs, wants, and answering any questions they have. I am enjoying my job here at Agrinetics Seed Service working with new farmers everyday and incorporating ProHarvests 365-Day Yield strategy into their farming operation- which they are VERY impressed by! 
Lynn Mckibben - Pekin, IL
Rainfall: No precipitation in Pekin going on a little over 2 weeks now.
Corn: Corn coming along pretty well. A few pollination issues from heat but overall pretty good pollination. Yields are going to be a little erratic depending on where you're located and planting dates. 
Soybeans:Beans are filling lower pods and still setting blooms on top. A good (state fair rain) should give us a pretty decent bean crop. I have noticed some sets aborted during the extreme heat but overall I have high hopes for good bean yields

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