Weekly Crop Report - August 25, 2017
Jake Wilken - Ashkum, IL
Rainfall: This past week we had anywhere from 1-4 inches of rain, however it was a steady rain that soaked in. It was very welcomed.
Corn: The corn is still coming along nicely, there are fields every once in a while that are starting to turn but for the most part it's all pretty green. Everything I have heard from people who have tested corn, is that it is somewhere around 40-45% moisture yet.
Soybeans:The rain that we received really helped the beans, and I think we're having a great bean making august. The aphid problem seems to have pretty much subsided, however scouting for them is never a bad idea. I have also seen multiple fields with pretty significant Sudden Death. The beans are still all green with not much turning yet, looks like it is going to be a late harvest this year.
Josh Sullivan - Morrisonville, IL
Rainfall: This week has sure been a pleasant one! On Monday night we received one inch of rain on the farm. The rain came down nice and slow.
Corn: Corn continues to mature with a lot of early numbers showing there age.
Soybeans: Soybeans have so good pods counts but we never can tell what yield we will have until we harvest. The soybeans are really tall on me they are up to my chest on many of the fields.
Other: Have not seen much insect pressure but have a lot of moths around the house.
 John Williams - Pekin, IL
Rainfall: had a good 2 inches of rain earlier in the week. Should be enough moisture to carry us through to harvest.
Corn Corn is looking very good. Not seeing much in the way of diseases in insect pressure.
SoybeansThe majority of soybeans are looking very good. Hard to tell at this point where yields will be. Seeing some new growth on the soybeans from the recent rains which add to their yield potential.
 Matt Case Jr. - Hinckley, Illinois
Rainfall:Northern Illinois, on average, received 0.5- 1 inches of rain this week. The storms that rolled through our area brought lightning and thunder. Northern Illinois is fortunate to have received these showers, the crops responded nicely. Throughout the week weather has been warm and clear with sunshine. At night temperatures dropped as low as 45-50 degrees fahrenheit. 
Corn: Corn kernels have dented in most fields. Kernel milk layer started its 6-8 week trip towards the cob (center of plant) - ultimately reaching black layer. 
Soybeans: Soybeans look healthy and responded strongly to the rainfall Northern Illinois received. ProHarvests variety 2827x has a medium height, medium bush plant structure with fantastic node placement. ProHarvests variety 2827x (2.8rm) is a hero in the field with proven genetics. 
Cover Crops: Cover Crops are a few weeks away. Farmers implementing ProHarvests Cover-365 strategy into their farming operation are excited to reap all the added benefits when planting their ProHarvest Cover Crops. Farmers who want to break those yield barriers are realizing how valuable ProHarvest Cover-365 is when implemented in their own farming operation. 
Lynn Mckibben - Pekin, IL
Rainfall:Finally a little rain in Pekin but all totaled only about 4 tenths of an inch.
Corn: Corn is basically a waiting game now. Cooler temps and less heat units will slow down the dry down. Some estimates are guys hoping to be in the field by Sept 15 -20. I personally don't think many will be running by then.
Soybeans: Beans look good and area's that received a decent rain should see yield bump from the moisture.
I certainly wish each of you a good harvest season and please be safe. 

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