Weekly Crop Report - September 1, 2017
Jake Wilken - Ashkum, IL
Rainfall: We have received a few showers this week, none seemed to be more than a tenth or two.
Corn:Corn is starting to dent and guys are starting to be able to tell kernel depth and other key yield factors. Corn is still very green and we are about 250 GDUs behind normal.
Soybeans: The beans are loving the nice rains we have been getting but it is a little cool for their liking. We could use some heat to really move them along, some of the early season beans are just now starting to get a yellow tinge to them. 
Josh Sullivan - Morrisonville, IL
Rainfall: On Monday evening it rained a total of of .2 tenths.
Corn:Corn is starting to black layer and turning more brown each day. Yields will be variable depending on soil type this year.
Soybeans:Soybeans are still lush and green and some of the early planted fields are starting to turn.
 Matt Case Jr. - Hinckley, Illinois
Rainfall:Northern Illinois weather has been warmer during day and night vs. last week. Last week was cooler during the day and at night got chilly. This week has brought foggy mornings, hot and humid day time temps, and warm weather during night time hours. Rain showers received in Northern Illinois this week have been scattered. Reported rainfall for our area has been 0.0-0.5". 
Corn: Corn kernels are continuing to dent here in Dekalb County with kernel milk making its way towards the cob. Northern Illinois fields have plenty of water and are enjoying this weeks warm weather which will help the crops flourish till the finish. 
Soybeans: Soybeans planted during ideal seed bed conditions grew tall and stacked lots of pods on the way with exceptional node placement/ spacing. ProHarvest varieties flexed their muscles this year, standing up to the rain showers and wet spring planting conditions. 
Cover Crop: Farmers utilizing ProHarvests Cover 365- yield strategy will soon reap their increased bushels In The Field, at harvest. ProHarvest cover crops Improve soil structure, lessen soil compaction, suppress weeds, reduces soil compaction, and my personal favorite.. scavenge Nutrients. Improve your soils APH by 10%, let's get started today on your tailored 365-day yield strategy. -Let's break those yield barriers down together! 
ProHarvest Seeds is dedicated to bringing growers the newest genetics, the most elite trait packages, and the highest pedigree of seed treatments available on the market. I enjoy talking with and learning from, ProHarvest knowledgeable and dedicated team. Have a great Labor Day weekend everyone, I will see you In The Field.
Jay Whalen- Flanagan, IL
Rainfall:We received a half inch, to 1.5 inches this week across my area!
Corn: Corn is still green but most is past dent now, hopefully some heat his weekend will push it along to black layer!
Soybean: Soybeans really needed the rain this week to fill pods! Pods were really small till the rain came. Most beans are still all green, just a couple early maturities are starting to turn yellow, but most should see benefits from this week's rain!
Lynn Mckibben - Pekin, IL
Corn: Corn is coming along nicely, some has black layered most of the rest is very close. Two of our new releases look really promising for my territory and a limited release double pro from last year looks terrific. In addition 8312 and 8244 once again look pretty darn good.
Soybeans:Soybeans are filling upper pods thanks to that "state fair" rain a couple weeks ago. I am starting to see SDS and white mold showing up in many fields. Doesn't seem to matter who's seed it is, however, I think in most cases the beans are far enough along yields reductions will be minimal.
Have a safe harvest!!!!
Clyde Burchett - Higginsville, MO
Rainfall :Excess rainfall continues around the area. Many low lying fields have been under water numerous times, some will recover, some are completely dead already. Temperatures have been very moderate for August
Corn:  Corn is turning quickly. Most early planted corn is past black layer. Some ears have begun to tip. Yields will be above average, with good kernel depth and quality. ProHarvest 8388 ear length is easily seen with many ears in excess of 10” . ProHarvest 8312 ear girth really stands out with many ears having 18-20 rows around. ProHarvest 8522 ears don’t look as impressive, until you break them open and see how small the cob is! 
Soybeans:  Soybeans are really feeling the heat from SDS. It’s hard to find a bean field that doesn’t have SDS to some extent. Bean leaf beetles, loopers and stinkbugs are easily found in soybeans, but almost always at sub economic levels.
ProHarvest 8312 cross section vs. competitor cross section, adjacent rows.
corn at black layer
ProHarvest 8388 vs my forearm.

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