Weekly Crop Report - September 15, 2017
Jake Wilken - Ashkum, IL
Rainfall: We have received no rainfall this week, but a very heavy dew and fog on thursday morning.
Corn: Most of the corn is starting to fire up and die down, most places still have a couple weeks before they get going full speed harvesting. 
Soybeans: The beans are starting to turn and some earlier varieties are starting to drop leaves, some guys who got in early with an early variety may start next week, but again i think a couple weeks before anybody gets too crazy.
Josh Sullivan - Morrisonville, IL
Rainfall:No rain this week.
Corn: Corn is hand testing 21 to 30 percent in moisture. I plan to shell a couple semi truck loads on Monday and maybe it will be dry enough to start putting in the grain bin.
Soybeans: Soybeans are being cut with moisture around 13 percent. However they have a lot of butter beans mixed in with them. Yields are being kept secret for now.
 Matt Case Jr. - Hinckley, Illinois
Rainfall:This weeks weather in Northern Illinois has been very nice! We have had warm weather with no rain fall. 
Corn: Corn is moving along nicely with some Hybrids still about a month out from harvesting. 
Soybeans: Soybeans are looking healthy and are beginning to change color. Leaves are dropping on mid group 2's and early group 2's are harvested already here in Northern Illinois. 
Farmers enjoyed their time at the Sandwich Fair, which was ongoing through this past weekend. We are gearing up for harvest and are looking forward to what this years crop has in store for us! 
Lynn Mckibben - Pekin, IL
Rainfall:Just a trace of rain in pekin this past week.
Corn:Corn is slooooowly progressing the cooler weather has corn slowed way down. A few guys have tried some but most everything I've heard locally is still above 30% moisture. The warmer weather prediction for next week should help the moisture levels to start trending down a little quicker.
Soybeans:Beans are turning rapidly and I anticipate seeing a few guy cutting select fields next week. Most beans seem to be podded pretty well and I'm hoping for some decent yields.
Remember to be safe this harvest season
John Williams - Pekin,IL
Corn: Corn is starting to turn in most areas. Corn harvesting has started south and west of Springfield. 8312 and 8244 are looking very good. With the heat that is coming into central Illinois that should speed up progress and will start to see many more growers starting harvest at the end of next week. 
Soybeans: Soybeans are coming along fine, Starting to see some yellow tint in some fields. Also seeing some Sudden Death Syndrome in a few fields in Western Illinois
Wade Lamphere - Durand, WI
Rainfall: We haven’t had any significant rainfall over the last week. Last week was cool with highs in the 60s, this week we have reached the 80s almost everyday since Sunday with lows in the 50s. Bringing us heavy dew most mornings.
Corn: Corn is pushing right along. The early planted fields have brown husk while the later planted (majority) of the Wisconsin crop has just started denting.
Silage corn is just starting to be chopped, if the weather holds there will be a lot of acres coming off in the next week.
Soybeans: Pods are filling well. Yellow spots showing up across every field. I wish this was just a result of maturity but a fair amount of the color change is disease related.
SDS has not been an issue this far north in the past, but there is a significant amount of it showing up this year. I think yields will be all over the board.
Clyde Burchett - Higginsville, MO
Rainfall: No rainfall for the last three weeks. Great for drying corn, but horrible on beans trying to finish up. Temperatures are relatively cool still, but beginning to rise back up slowly.
Corn:Corn is drying fast. Lot’s of fields in the low 20’s for moisture, some in the teens. Corn yields are very good. Reports from Barton Co. of dryland corn 220-230 bushel range with irrigated going 260-280. Lot’s of corn in Lafayette Co. in the 200+ bushel range. Even dryland corn (4255 conventional) in Pettis Co., which used to grow a lot of milo, is running in the 160-170 range.
Soybeans:Soybeans are turning fast, some from SDS, some from drought and some are actually maturing.SDS spread has stopped. No other appreciable diseases or insects present.
 Other: Aerial application of cover crops has dropped off due to dry conditions, and the fact that corn is coming out rapidly and rye can be drilled in a timely manner.
Early Group V that needs a lot of rain to finish off those pods.
Early Group IV soybean that will probably finish up well with the available moisture

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September 15

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