Weekly Crop Report - September 29, 2017
Josh Sullivan - Morrisonville,IL
Rainfall: Have not had any rain in several weeks. 
Corn:Finally got started with harvest on September 23. Corn yields are much better than expected we have shelled 370 acres so far running about 20 percent to 16 on moisture.
Soybeans:Started to cut beans on September 26 have only cut 80 acres have 300 acres ready to cut this week. Yields are also great on soybeans.
Lynn Mckibben - Pekin, IL
Rainfall:No rain in Pekin this past week and the hot weather has moved harvest into high gear.
Corn:Moisture levels dropping rapidly especially on early hybrids.
Yields are a little all over the place depending on location. Ranges are from 170 to 240.
Soybeans: A lot of guys harvesting beans with moisture levels as low as 9 or 10 percent. Most everything I'm hearing on yields are in that 60 to 70 bu range.
Remember take your time and be safe.
Wade Lamphere - Durand, WI
Rainfall: Very little rain this week. Weather was very warm last weekend (90s) and has started to cool off this week.(60s)
Corn: Corn is still progressing but we need more time. I’d say most of the corn in this area is still in the mid to upper 20s for moisture.
Soybeans:Soybean fields are steadily losing leaves. Most of the soybeans should start coming off later next week. We took some early beans (2871CR2Y) off yesterday.
They were 13% and averaged 50 bu/a. We had some white mold which really brought the average down. 
 Matt Case Jr. - Hinckley, Illinois
Rainfall:This week we have had no rainfall, both Corn and Soybeans are drying down quickly. Farmers in Northern Illinois are taking corn and soybeans off.
Corn:Corn is still pretty green. Many large acre farmers have begun picking 30-35% moisture corn.  
Soybeans: Moisture in the Soybeans harvested so far have ranged from 9-12%. Yields have ranged from 40-65 bushels to the acre.

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