From the ground up

Every new building starts from the ground up. The first step in building is pouring the foundation. The foundation is where most of the integrity of the building will lie, much like a business or a seed company. ProHarvest Seeds was founded in 2011, but its foundation began many years earlier.

MWS Seeds laid the foundation for ProHarvest Seeds to build a new brand.  Started in 1993 by Marlin Wilken and his sons, Lynn and Randy, MWS became well known for high quality seed.  MWS Seed produced its own seed as well as sold its own soybean and corn products.

In 2011, Randy and Lynn Wilken joined with veteran seedsman Keith Knapp to create the seed company ProHarvest Seeds. The Wilken brothers and Knapp are all second-generation seedsmen, with a strong knowledge and understanding of the seed industry.  With their combined expertise, the owners began marketing an extensive and diverse lineup of corn, soybeans, wheat, forages and cover crops under the ProHarvest brand.  MWS continues to operate as a seed production company and produces seed for ProHarvest and other seed markets.

ProHarvest has continued to build on this foundation and has expanded its geographical footprint into 15 states throughout the Midwest. In October of 2018, ProHarvest acquired the sales and marketing rights of Moews Seed Company from Granville, IL. Moews Seed has deep roots in agriculture along with the same values that ProHarvest promotes, such as family, integrity, quality and service.  

ProHarvest has access to the industry’s most advanced seed genetics, trait innovations and seed treatments. As an independent seed company, ProHarvest sources its seed from multiple suppliers, creating a lineup that gives high-powered results that are fine-tuned for local geographical areas.

ProHarvest reviews thousands of products each year seeking the ones with optimal performance and desirable agronomic characteristics.  They combine their extensive research and testing programs with their experience and knowledge to determine what makes it into a ProHarvest Seed bag.

ProHarvest continues to build on its strong foundation by focusing on what really matters: their customers. Their farming partners rely on them to help make the right decisions. Unlike larger seed companies, which have a one-size-fits-all approach, ProHarvest Seeds, takes into consideration a long list of factors when making seed recommendations. They understand the importance of climate, length of growing season, crop histories, soil types, herbicide and pesticide requirements, and more. Their products and expertise allows them to have customized choices that will produce a winning harvest for their customers.

ProHarvest Seeds’ Dealers and Seed Specialists work on being with their growers throughout the entire growing season and being their trusted advisors. Providing exceptional seed and service is a core value of the company, and they deliver on that pledge. ProHarvest is not just a seed company; but delivers on its goal of being a valuable partner in their customers’ farming operation. 

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