While the world looks to be changing around us, we wanted to make sure ProHarvest customers were aware of opportunities to connect with our company.  We use a platform called AgriSync that allows customers and dealers a direct pipeline to technical support and service.  Do you have a question about seed traits?  Want to know more about where and how our products fit?  Do you want more information on our seed treatments?  Want to know more about our seed quality? There is no question too big or too small.  Submit your question today!


Call or text 309-300-3277 for agronomic service and support!  Your inquiry will be sent right to our Corn Product Manager/Agronomist Eric Yoder.  It will be addressed right away.  We are here to help as Spring is still coming!  Let us know how we can help you gear up for a great 2020!

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The Winner is. . .

September 15

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