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Several things to be out watching and looking for this time of year!

By: Eric Yoder


Corn Diseases – We went from being pretty hot and dry to cooler and wetter.  More clouds around too.  Maybe we are getting to a drier stretch here now.  The cooler, humid conditions lends the corn to Tar Spot, Gray Leaf Spot and even Northern Corn Leaf Blight. Warmer temps might bring up the risk for Common and Southern Rust.  Jake and I looked at some corn by the office Tuesday.  We could see several marks on some leaves, but not much to clearly identify at this point.  I have seen lots of fungicide being applied between rains over the past week.  Keep your eyes peeled!


Flooded Crops – Here is an article from U of I discussing the impact of mature corn handling standing water.


Corn Rootworm - Damage is much more common this year, mostly where you have drier conditions.  Lots of larvae and damaged roots can be found.  Now we are about done with larvae hatch and we can use the CRW traps to monitor adult populations.  Near Dekalb, IL I saw plenty of adults while scouting last summer and now this year there is damage there.  Watch for the warning signs!


Japanese Beetles – I have seen beetles in lots of fields, but nothing that warrants any treatment yet.  They can come in a hurry, so be watching for silk feeding during pollination. 


Bean Leaf Beetles – Jake and I noticed quite a few of these when around the office too.  If you remember last year, several fields in Eastern IL ended up being treated for bean leaf beetle damage.  Another pest to be watching for!



ALSO- If you get time, read this article regarding cover crops in Illinois.  Very interesting reading.  Challenge yourself to start adapting cover crops if you haven’t already.  The momentum is building faster than the organic matter in the soil following a cover crop!  😊

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