Recommendations for Frost Seeding

Evergraze White Clover is a high yielding, easy to establish ladino white clover.  This variety works great in close grazing situations and is very persistent in dry conditions.  Click here for the Evergraze tech sheet.  Ladino white clover is seeded at approximately 4 to 6 pounds per acre.

Freedom Red Clover is an excellent companion to most cool season grasses for both grazing and haying. Freedom has reduced stem pubescence and large leaves that make it ideal for grazing and hay production. Click here for the Freedom Red Clover tech sheet. Red clover is seeded at approximately 8 to 10 pounds per acre.

To increase diversity, try our new Red and White Clover Mix. This is a blend of Evergraze and Freedom Red Clovers. Frost seed at 8 pounds per acre to maximize production.

The Quick-To-Grow Mix is a combination of fast establishing grasses and clovers that can be frost seeded in existing pastures and hay fields. This blend is great for filling in bare spots or high traffic areas. Click here for the Quick-to-grow tech sheet. Quick-to-grow is frost seeded at 10 to 20 pounds per acre. It can also be planted at 30 to 40 pounds per acre for a fast growing, 3 to 4 year pasture.

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2021 Early Planted Soybean Key Take Aways

June 04
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