Moews Corn Hybrids


ProHarvest Seeds is proud to announce it has acquired the sales and marketing rights of Moews Seed Company, effective October 2, 2018. Moews Seed Company’s main office has been in Granville, IL, since 1927. Moews Seed Company has a long and storied history, beginning with some of the early innovations and development of hybrid seed corn. Moews Seed has deep roots in the same values we promote at ProHarvest, such as family, integrity, quality and service.

The entire ProHarvest team is excited about this acquisition. ProHarvest will continue to provide Moews’ customers with the products and value they have come to expect, with the added benefit of expanded choices not only in seed corn, but also soybeans, forages, wheat and cover crops.

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Below are the Moews Hybrids for sale to plant in 2019, also check out the full complimentary line-up of ProHarvest products to fit your farm!

2021 Early Planted Soybean Key Take Aways

June 04
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