ProHarvest Seeds provides top quality forage options.

ProHarvest Seeds utilizes forage genetics that provide a balance of high quality with excellent tonnage. Our improved grasses and forages are selected from around the world and are chosen for quality, yield, persistence, disease resistance, and maturities that make it easier to manage hayfields and pastures.

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2021 Forage Seeds

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Eldora II
  • High resistence to multiple isolates of Aphanomyces Race 2
  • Branch rooted, for adaptation to most soil types
  • Unmatched new genetics for high yield and forage quality
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Entree RL
  • Reduced Lignin, High Digestability with excellent yields
  • Solid Disease resistance package w/ high leaf-to-stem ratio
  • Longer harvest window for long & short term rotations
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  • Leaf hopper-resistant variety
  • Low maintenance; higher yield vs. other LH alfalfas
  • Adapted to 3 or 4 cut systems. Performs well with grasses
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HybriForce 2420/WET
  • Branch rooted Hybrid Alfalfa
  • Excellent disease package with Resistance to Aphanomyces root rot race I & II
  • Large root mass offers icredible persistence and traffic tolerence
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HybriForce 3400
  • High Yielding Hybrid Alfalfa
  • Increased Harvest Time Flexability
  • Very Dense, High quality stand
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  • High yielding; very fast recovery
  • Roundup Ready® trait; great for problem fields
  • Excellent winter hardiness
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2021 Early Planted Soybean Key Take Aways

June 04
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