ProHarvest Seeds provides top quality forage options.

ProHarvest Seeds utilizes forage genetics that provide a balance of high quality with excellent tonnage. Our improved grasses and forages are selected from around the world and are chosen for quality, yield, persistence, disease resistance, and maturities that make it easier to manage hayfields and pastures.

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2023 Forage Seeds

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4Grass Hay Mix
  • 4Grass Hay Mix is an ideal grass-only mix with high quality tonnage
  • Reaches peak production in late spring and early summer
  • Pair with ProHarvest alfalfa for exceptional quality
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AlfaCut Hay Mix
  • The premium varieties in this mix are selected for a superior yielding, high quality, dry hay field or for haylage production.
  • Ready to Seed Mix
  • Alfacut makes excellent horse and dairy quality hay.
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PowerGraz Hay Mix
  • Combination includes tall fescue, orchard grass and timothy
  • High RFQ, especially when mixed with your favorite legume
  • Great for haylage or dry baling
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RapidGraz Pasture Mix
  • RapidGraz Pasture Mix is designed for fast, easy growth.
  • This mix can be used to improve stand densities in underperforming pastures
  • Can be useful when a three or four year pasture is needed between haying and grazing
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