ProHarvest Seeds provides top quality forage options.

ProHarvest Seeds utilizes forage genetics that provide a balance of high quality with excellent tonnage. Our improved grasses and forages are selected from around the world and are chosen for quality, yield, persistence, disease resistance, and maturities that make it easier to manage hayfields and pastures.

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2023 Forage Seeds

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Millex 32
  • Dependable summer forage
  • Drought tolerant
  • Works in light, sandy soils
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  • Dependable summer forage
  • Best for hay, haylage, and greenchop
  • Good leaf-to-stem ratio
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  • Brown mid-rib, brachytic dwarf
  • Harvest in 85-95 days after emergence
  • Excellent for silage
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  • Photoperiod sensitive (headless) and BMR
  • Dual purpose: silage or hay
  • Extended harvest window
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SP7106 BMR
  • Tolerates High Cutting Frequencies
  • Adapts Well to Intensive Grazing
  • Fine Stemmed & Leafy
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Teff Grass
  • Excellent emergency crop
  • ery fine stemmed; great for haylage and dry hay
  • an be used in existing hayfields to add 1.5 to 3 tons in one crop

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