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ProHarvest Seeds provides top quality options.

At ProHarvest Seeds we pride ourselves on being your complete seed supplier.

We work with other quality seed suppliers to offer you a wide array of sweet corn, turf grasses, CRP mixes, and Wildlife plot seed to fit your needs.

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2023 Other Seed Varieties

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Ambrosia 75
  • Popular Bio-Color
  • Named for its delectable taste
  • This corn will retain its flavor for up to 10 days.
Green Beast
  • Green Beast is a highly digestible protein source for deer during the harsh winters.
  • This blend of New Zealand Brassicas is ideal for forage production and provides excellent nutrition.
  • Proven Ingredients: New Zealand Brassicas, Forage Collards, Forage Turnips, Forage Radish, Rape and Rutabaga
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CRP Custom Mixes
  • If you are enrolled in a CRP or Pollinator program through the NRCS ProHarvest Seeds Has access to custom mixes to fulfill your contracts needs.
  • Contact your local dealer or seed specialist for a quote and to place your order!
  • Custom mixes available
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Waterway Mix
  • Waterway Mix is a great solution for grass establishment in highly erodible areas. .
  • This mix consists of cool-season grasses that are quick to establish and will fill in and form a sod over time
  • This will be a very long-lasting and low maintenance stand of grass which makes it an excellent fit for areas that simply need grass cover.
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Tough Play
  • Tough Play™ is a Tall Fescue mix that is equally durable and attractive.
  • Tall fescue requires less water and fertilizer than Kentucky Bluegrass to reach its full potential.
  • This mix is available in two forms — standard Tough Play and Tough Play RTF™. Standard Tough Play is a lush turf suited for lawns and sports fields.
White Tail Premium
  • Whitetail Premium™ provides deer with excellent nutrition to enhance antler growth, body size, and overall health of the deer herd.
  • The unique blend of clovers and other perennial broadleaves provide high protein and lush green growth that provides a forage source all year long.
  • Proven Ingredients: Select Ladino, Alsike, Medium Red and White Dutch Clover, Balansa Clover, Berseem Clover, Crimson Clover, Falcata Alfalfa and Forage Chicory
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Anthem II 73
  • Roundup Ready, CRW & ECB
  • Bi- Color
  • **Requires Bayer License**
  • Popular Yellow Hybrid
  • Great Fuller Season Hybrid
  • Incredible’s wide adaptability have made it the most popular homozygous sugary enhanced variety in the world
Quality Sun & Shade
  • Excellent for new seedings or rejuvenating existing lawns.
  • Great for homes and parks.
  • Ideal for yards with sunny and shady areas!
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